Ride 135

Whether you’re a shore-bound fisherman wanting to kayak to reach new waters and distant fish, a recreational kayaker looking to bring his passion for fishing aboard the plastic vessel, or a boat fisherman who recognizes fishing kayaks as an exciting and relatively inexpensive way to get out on the water, there’s something in kayak fishing for just about anyone.

Most fishing is done on the coast where battling the elements (wind and tides) is part of the game.

The Ride135 is a stable kayak, the pontoon-style hull provides excellent stability when seated or standing.

One disadvantage of high sides is they catch a lot of wind, which is more noticeable when drifting versus paddling since the boat tracks straight once in motion. With ample drainage, this Kayak is one of the dryer kayaks on the market.

The Phase 3 Seat System has thick padding and is extremely comfortable, very easy to adjust on the go. It’s one of the most comfortable kayak seats I’ve had the pleasure to sit on. You really come to appreciate the comfort of the seat once you’ve made the mistake & leave the seat at home and are forced to sit on bare plastic. Located under the seat is a track built into the kayak that allows it to be adjusted forward and backward. The cam strap located near the centre hatch allows the seat to be locked in the desired position.

There is plenty of the storage in the Ride135. The rear tank well is huge, able to fit a standard milk crate with room to spare for extra equipment. When seated the seat has to be positioned far enough forward to reach the foot pegs so there is additional storage room behind the seat. Good place to store objects that need to be accessed quickly. The cockpit is also massive with plenty of leg room, which is nice for taller paddlers. The Ride135 also has interior storage accessed by two hatches a medium-sized hatch located in the centre and a large hatch at the bow.



  • AirPro Freedom Elite
  • Removable/Sliding Seat
  • Keepers XL Foot Brace System
  • Orbix Bow & Midship Hatches
  • Tankwell w/ Bungee
  • Bungee Deck Rigging
  • Comfort Carry Handles
  • Paddle Groove with Bungee
  • Rudder Ready
  • Self-Bailing Scupper Holes
  • Cupholder
  • Tankwell w/ Bungee
  • Sliding Seat
  • SlideTrax™ on Bow



WIDTH:                31.5" / 80 CM

LENGTH:            13' 6" / 411 CM

BOAT WEIGHT:  82 Lbs / 37 KG

MAX CAPACITY: 550 Lbs / 249 KG

DECK HEIGHT:  16.5" / 42 CM




Despite its length and width the Ride handles quite well. The kayak is rudder ready, for extra manoeuvrability and control. The Ride has a decent glide after you stop paddling. One thing to keep in mind if you fish in the shallows is the draft on this kayak is about twice that of a kayak with a rounder hull. Due to the pontoon hull the ride needs about 6” of water to float.


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