Werner Kalliste

Going back in the summer i was on the look out for a new paddle and after a lengthy talk with Gus from Escapewatersports and a few trys on a few Carbon paddles in the werner range it was decided that i needed  the Werner Kalliste with a crack shaft, so we ordered it and within a few days it was in stock.

The werner Kalliste is named after a Greek Island meaning "the Best", it is the ultimate low angle paddle giving you effortless silky smooth forward strokes, The paddle has made a massive amount of difference to my paddling, as before i suffered Fatigue with the Kalliste this is a thing of the past, The paddle is elegant to look at, i know its not the looks that perform but it does look nice.

Werner Kalliste3

Werner Kalliste Features

  • Foam core blade is light and buoyant
  • Exceptionally quiet entry and exit
  • Dihedral for smooth forward strokes
  • Ultimate all around touring design


  • Weight - Straight Shaft 667g / Neutral Bent Shaft 752g
  • Blade - 650 sq cm
  • Length - 210, 215, 220, 225, 230cm 2PC Adjustable ferrule
  • Material - Carbon, Foam core carbon blades

Werner Kalliste paddle review

As you can see this paddle is of the higest quality and as stated quite elgegent, the construction is full carbon foam core, its light and effortless to use limiting stress and fatigue and the foam core blades glide through the water and want to lift them selves out of the water this is one of the many reasons its effortless to use.

The paddle is one of the high end paddles in the werner range and can be bought through Escape watersports in Pyle.

What a majority don't realise is we spend a lot on a boat but scrimp on the paddle and the paddle is equally important as the boat. Its the engine!

I will do a full writeup of the werner review very shortly, this will cover all the main paddles that we as kayak fishermen need.

Ed Gibson

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