Fladen Maxximus Black water reel.


I am not one for writing many reviews but feel that this gem of a reel needs some recognition along with a couple of rods which will follow in the coming weeks. Anyway this review is my findings of it and to be completely honest it’s an absolute cracking little reel. 

Maxximus Blackwater reel. 



Blackwater reel

I have been using this reel for the last 12 months and on my first impressions of the reel it looked good and felt good quality and a serious contender for some of the so called bigger more well known brands well this theory was to prove me right.

Backwater Reel


The reel itself is a baitcaster style just a little bit bigger than a standard baitcaster reel with a graphite body,  The Handle had a nice feel to it with a super smooth action along with a thumb bar on the back which  operated the free spool allowing you to use a rod and reel single handed for a bit of casting.

Putting it to the test. 

Well as I mentioned a bit earlier, I have owned this reel for around 12 months and thought one of the best ways to abuse it is to not rinse it or WD40 it after use. This test has proved to be successful and with it working alongside another fairly new reel from a top brand this one has come out top, the action is still as smooth as the first day, the other reel has to be rinsed and sometimes stripped after every use as it seizes up and now sounds as rough as a diesel car with no exhaust.  The fittings have also stood up to the test all of which has been salt water use, Its only got a start of corrosion on one small screw that holds the main reel body together which has got to be understandable with the use and not cleaning it.

Blackwater reel


The fishing. 

The reel has quite a robust feel and look to it and I personally think this would manage some nice fish, I have managed Smoothhound on it and it handled it with ease. I have used it on competitions for mini species teamed up with a light Fladen rock buddy rod and this too seems to fit in with this style of fishing, although a little big for mini species. Fishing Oxwich with it on the dabs, dogs, plaice and other standard stuff and it's a cracker of a reel. I think it is a good all rounder that will please most. 

Blackwater reel


Casting is easy with the thumb bar, giving you the opportunity for a one handed operation and the retrieve when the fish is on, It is smooth and got the power to get something larger in. 

My over all verdict is, good value, well made and I think I will get a good few years out of it and possibly many years if it's looked after correctly. 

You can purchase these from Ebay, Amazon and other online stores for around £89.99






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