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    South Wales
    Kayak Anglers

    SWKA was formed back in 2009 as a result of a group of
    like-minded guys with a passion for fishing.

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    What its
    all about

    SWKA's main aim is to try and promote safe kayak fishing in South Wales and the UK.
    alongside other very informative sites such as Anglers Afloat..

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Latest Kayak Fishing News

  • From all of us at SWKA we'd like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    From our competions, fundraising, paddle-days, training and ultimately work in promoting safey on the water this has been a great year for SWKA.

    We'd like to thank our members, supporters and our sponsors - without you we couldn't do what we do!

    We looking forward to seeing you all on the water in 2018




  • Save the Dates - Mark you 2018 calendar for our saltwater and freshwater European Kayak Fishing Champsionship.

    Llangorse 2018 - 17th March 2018

    Oxwich 2018 - 21st July 2018

    More details to follow soon!



    River Piking

    October is traditionally the start of the winter piking season, and a time that I usually change my approach from lures to dead baits.
    Over the last couple of seasons I have had plenty of big double figure fish from the Norfolk Broads and the river Thames, but this year I have been spoilt. In just three sessions on the River Thames have had fish of 21lb 13oz and 18lb 8oz with plenty more doubles coming to the yak.
    The key thing with pike fishing is location. Every venue fishes differently and there is no quick fix to finding the big fish, it always comes down to the hours put in exploring the water and a little bit of luck. The two venues I regularly fish are completely different.
    On the Norfolk Broads the fish seem to be spread evenly through the waterway. If a few of us are fishing, we usually fish 50 -100 meters apart and don’t spend any longer than 45 minutes in any one spot before leapfrogging the others and moving along to the next feature. If there are fish in the swim you usually get a bite very quickly and there is really no way of knowing whether the pike will be 2lb or 22lb until you strike and feel the weight on the end of the line.
    The Thames is completely different. The pike follow the bait shoals so you can have miles of perfect looking habitat and swims that seem to hold no fish, but then you find one area and instead of just getting the one bite you can catch ten or more pike from exactly the same spot. This was shown last weekend when myself and Martin knew where there was a hotspot on the river but still spent the morning fishing perfect looking areas for a mile on our way there. Every spot we picked looked perfect but we couldn’t buy a bite, as soon as we approached the 500meter stretch that I knew held fish I hooked an 18lb fish. The rest of the day was spent in that area resulting in several more double figure pike.
    I like to use big sea dead baits for my piking, mostly mackerel but everyone has their favourites. On the rivers the presentation doesn’t need to be too perfect. I like to have a loose line to the float but in reality, when these fish are feeding they rarely drop a bait. When fishing on the still waters where the fish come under a lot more pressure I will put a lot more finesse into my rigs as these pike have often seen it all before and become wary of baits especially if they feel resistance when picking them up. For example I’ve had a lot more dropped runs on Llangorse than I have ever had on the rivers.
    The key thing with the bites on the rivers is to hit them early. As soon as I see the float moving off I strike. More often than not the fish has taken the bait properly and will be hooked, if it isn’t don’t worry just drop the bait back down and wait. Nine times out of ten the fish will come back and try again.

    I’ve also become a complete convert to fully barbless hooks, there is nothing worse than having a deep hooked pike with a treble down its throat with barbs on. I’ve never lost a fish on barbless hooks, they are also so much easier to remove from a large pike’s mouth and if the worst should happen and the fish engulfs the treble so that you cann’t recover it the fish has a much greater chance of working them loose and surviving.
    It is also worth considering how you are going to handle a large pike on a kayak. Depending on your experience with these fish it is often better and easier to keep the fish in the net and take it to the nearest bank to unhook and photograph. This can be better not only for the fish but for yourself. I find anything over 16lb becomes too large to deal with safely on the yak and the 26lb 9oz fish I had at Llangorse last year would have been impossible to deal with without the assistance of Ian and Alistair.

    22lb 13
    Most rivers, whatever their size will hold a surprisingly large head of pike well in to double figures. One River myself and Martin explored in Suffolk wasn’t wide enough for us to paddle side by side along, but produced over thirty pike to 14lb in a day. Looking at that water you wouldn’t have believed it could sustain such a density of pristine fish but the only way of finding out is to get out on your local venues and give it a try….. you never know where that fish of a lifetime may show up.




  • On the morning of Sept. 16th 2015 I had the dreaded phonecall from hell that that no parent ever wishes to receive. My son jake had been struck by a vehicle during the morning school run. On my journey home from work which seemed to go on forever.


  • This is without a doubt the Largest and best kayak fishing competition in Europe with 147 on the water last year and an expected 200 this year.


  • Llangorse European kayak fishing championship ( freshwater) will be held on Saturday March 19th 2016. Keep looking here and our forum and facebook page for booking in details which will be put up in the coming weeks.


Ed Gibson

Ed Gibson

I hope you'll join us and enjoy everything kayak fishing
has to offer, whilst supporting the RNLI and Heroes on the Water.

Since then following some hard work we organised our first Kayak fishing festival in 2010 and from there the club has grown from strength to strength and held the event in 2011 and recently 2012 where anglers from all around the UK have attended.

SWKA's main aim is to try and promote safe kayak fishing in South Wales and the UK alongside other very informative sites such as Anglers Afloat.

Our main aim is to raise money to help the RNLI and over the last 3 events have raised over £3000 and each year around October we meet up with the Local RNLI crew at Horton and Port Eynon where we present the proceeds from our event.

With over 40 members stretching all along the South Wales coast we arrange courses such as VHF Radio training and Paddle courses and offer help and assistance in anyway we can to help new kayak anglers in this fast growing extreme sport.

In 2011 we were invited to join Loughor Boat club where we now have a place we can call home and meet up for the usual club business and then a friendly chat about all things fishing.

We welcome new members to the club and meet at the Boat club on the last Tuesday of every month. So why not pop along to see us or join us on one of the organised fishing meets that occur most weekends.

Ed Gibson Chairman

Fishing Competition

Oxwich Fishing Competition 2017

South Wales Kayak Anglers(SWKA) proudly present the Oxwich kayak fishing competition – home of the European Kayak Fishing championship. As Europe’s leading kayak fishing competition Oxwich has become renowned not only for its impressive prize table (£8,000+ for 2017 – the largest ever!), but also as a gathering of kayak anglers of all ages and abilities.

With Junior, Amateur and professional competitions Oxwich 2017 caters for all, whilst reflecting the SWKA ethos of ‘promoting safe and responsible kayak fishing’. The event is held at Oxwich Bay on the 22nd of July 2017, entry fee is £20 for Amateur and Pro categories and £8 for juniors. There is a safety briefing at 9:15am with rods in the water from 10am.

The event is held at Oxwich Bay on the 22nd of July 2017, entry fee is £20 for Amateur and Pro categories and £8 for juniors. There is a safety briefing at 9:15am with rods in the water from 10am.
Event starts in:

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  • Phase 3 AirPro Sit-On-Top-Seat
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    • Phase 3 AirPro Sit-On-Top-Seat
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  • Comfort

    • Phase 3 AirPro Sit-On-Top-Seat
    • Keepers XL Foot Brace System
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product review

Thresher 155 Fishing Kayak


SWKA was privileged to be able to test the New Wilderness Systems Thresher 155 Fishing Kayak today, first time in the UK and we have got to say what a cracking Kayak it is, lots of thought gone into it.It rides the waves beautifully resulting in a much dryer ride, stable as a rock and the well known wilderness seat for comfort, lots more extras but will mention that in the review in the coming months.

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Fishing Competition

Llangorse Fishing Championship

Prices held from last year......£65.00 per night for a 2 bedroom (sleeps up to 4 people) and £80.00 per night for a 3 bedroom (sleeps up to 6 people). same deal as last year, 4 nights for price of 3 or 3 nights for price of 2. If anyone wants camping, then £6.75 per adult per night. Tel. 01874 658226

Sponsors have been very generous this year and the prize table has some significant value to it now.

  • Raymarine
  • Fladen
  • Flambeau
  • M.V.A Custom Rods
  • Navionics
  • Lure Lounge
  • ZMan

We are now taking entries via PayPal. Cost for the day on the lake is £25 which will include a ticket for a prize draw for a vexular unit plus Navionics mobile app sponsored by Navionics UK. Please make payment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and make it to family and friends.